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2016 Pinnacle Award Winner - Jody Rizer

Jody Rizer (right), a member of the Food and Nutrition team at WMHS, is pictured receiving the 2016 Pinnacle Award from President and CEO Barry Ronan at last night's Pinnacle Award Dinner at the WMRMC auditorium.  

The award, which honors Western Maryland Health System’s Employee of the Year, is presented annually to one of the monthly Values in Action Award recipients from the past 12 months.  Each of the nominees was seated at a table that included family members, friends and co-workers, along with the Department Director from each nominee's department.   

Employed for nine years, Jody is a valuable member of the team in the health system's Food and Nutrition Department.  Described as exceptionally loyal, trustworthy and of high moral character, Jody’s director also shares that she is totally committed to service excellence and strives to provide her customer with the highest quality.

She displays a contagious enthusiasm for producing excellent products and in turn motivates her co-workers to follow her lead.  Jody provides the best customer service during the Thursday Demo’s in the Food Court.  It is her true signature of what Service Excellence and great customer service is all about.  Jody’s customers often comment on her acts of thoughtfulness and kindness.  She is a role model, a team player, and a true reflection of the WMHS Core Values.

WMHS Values in Action Award nominees for this past year include: Amy Jenkins - Home Care, May 2015; Nina Lancaster - Wound Care Clinic, June 2015; Tammy Scaife - Operating Room,
July 2015; Tiffany Matthews - 7 South, August 2015; Lori Russell - Hospice, September 2015; Jody Rizer - Food & Nutrition, October 2015; Tim Greise - EVS, November 2015; Patricia Smith - FNRC, December 2015; June Ward - Human Resources, January 2016; Lisa Hout - Foundation, February 2016; Gay Twigg - Behavioral Health, March 2016; Cindy Wilson - Employee Health, April 2015. 

Previous Pinnacle Award Winners were: Leona McTaggart, FNRC (2015); Jennifer Perrin, RD, LDN, CDE - Center for Clinical Resources (2014): Debbie Greise, RN (2013); Denise Marsh, RN (2012); Emma Brashear, Wellness (2011); Lori Evans, Lab (2010); Kelly Winterberg, Radiology (2009); Samantha Jones, Social Work (2008); and Bill Lewis, ICU (2007).   

Congratulations to Jody and all of the Pinnacle Awards nominees!

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