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WMHS Seeking Hospice Volunteers

"The last good thing that may happen in a person’s life is a Hospice Volunteer” ~ Unknown

As a Hospice Volunteer, you have the opportunity ...

- To provide comfort and support for patients and their loved ones.  Offer companionship and a comforting presence with each visit.  Provide emotional support and compassion.  Read to them.  Be a trusted listener.  Silently sit at the bedside.  Provide the caregiver with an opportunity to take care of him/herself - to get some fresh air, run an errand, or have lunch with a friend.

- To give generously of your time.  Run errands or grocery shop for the patient/family.  Transport patient to an appointment.  Prepare a light meal or snack for the patient.  Wash a few dishes or small load of laundry.  Run a vacuum.  Play board games or cards with the patient.  Watch a favorite TV show or movie.

- To provide support services.  Assist with bereavement calls and mailings.  Help the office staff with filing, scanning, putting packets together, etc.  Learn to be a comfort to those going through a difficult time, including your own friends and loved ones.

We can only succeed with volunteers like you!

 Make a difference  Brighten someone’s day  Provide respite care for caregivers  No professional experience needed  A FREE training is provided for all positions  Start building your resume  Gain new knowledge and skills  Flexible Hours and Locations surrounding Allegany County  Daytime, evening, and weekends  Frostburg, Lonaconing, Barton, Westernport, Rawlings, Cresaptown, LaVale, Cumberland, Mt. Savage, Flintstone, Hyndman, Ellerslie

For more information or to schedule your

Hospice 101 Volunteer Training

Please contact Renee Gibson at 240-964-9005, by email at rgibson@wmhs.com.

Every day, local families are faced with the challenge of caring for terminally ill loved
ones. Western Maryland Health System (WMHS) Hospices Services connects these families with specially trained volunteers who can provide support, and WMHS is seeking people who would like to serve as volunteers.

"Hospice volunteers are important to the hospice process because they provide an extra level of care, comfort, and support,” Volunteer/Bereavement Coordinator for WMHS Hospice Services Renee Gibson said. "Volunteers are there solely for the patient to
provide companionship and a comforting presence to the patient and their family.”

Mona McKenzie
Hospice Volunteer

WMHS hospice volunteers receive an in-depth training covering topics such as the history and philosophy of hospice, family dynamics, the signs and symptoms of dying, grief and loss, self-care and boundaries, and the role of the volunteer. This training enables volunteers to handle a multitude of situations.

"Our hospice volunteers are simply amazing,” Gibson said. "They are some of the kindest, most generous, compassionate people I have ever met.”

WMHS hospice volunteers come from all walks of life and there is no previous work experience required prior to becoming a hospice volunteer. Anyone interesting in becoming a hospice volunteer simply needs to be 18 years of age or older with a passion for helping others. Volunteers can give up to four hours per week, as their schedule allows.

"We understand that volunteers have busy lives outside of their volunteer role, so whatever time a volunteer is willing to dedicate to hospice, no matter how big or how small, it is greatly appreciated,” Gibson said.

It's not just the hospice patients who benefit from a volunteer's passion. Being a primary caregiver to a terminally ill patient can be stressful, so hospice volunteers are there to help take care of the caregivers as well.

"Allowing the caregiver to be able to take a break and having them express their appreciation for your help, brings a whole new meaning to ‘giving-back',” hospice volunteer Mona McKenzie said. "I want to be there to help the patient live each day they have left with smiles, stories, laughter, helpful hands, and most of all, comfort.”

If you're interested in more information on how to become a hospice volunteer or to schedule your Hospice 101 Volunteer Training, please contact Renee Gibson at 240-964-9005 or by email at rgibson@wmhs.com.

"Volunteers are volunteering their time because they want to, not because they have to,” Gibson said. "They truly have the biggest hearts!”

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