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WMHS Board of Directors

WMHS Board of Directors

November 2017

Rolf K. Haarstad, AIA (Chair)

 Rolf K. Haarstad, AIA
David W. Gilles David W. Gilles
Keith Funkhouser  Keith Funkhouser Mary Anne Jenkins, DDS Mary Anne Jenkins, DDS
Jonathan Hutcherson  Jonathan Hutcherson Dave Matthews David C. Mathews
Joyce K. Lapp  Joyce K. Lapp Joyce K. Lapp Ronald H. Nowaczyk, PhD
Patricia A. Noble, RN  Patricia A. Noble, RN John Pappas, MD John N. Pappas, M.D.
Barry P. Ronan  Barry P. Ronan Courtney Thomas Courtney Thomas

 Murtaza Amir, M.D.   

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