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Cumberland's Katie Murray Says She Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else


Having battled cancer before, Katie Murray was no stranger to the excellent care that is provided by the medical and radiation oncologists and staff at Western Maryland Health System. 

Just last year, Katie’s abdomen was enlarged and causing her pain.  Doctors at WMHS quickly diagnosed that her previous breast cancer had returned.

Without a second thought, Katie took the advice of Dr. Blanche Mavromatis, a medical oncologist here at WMHS, and began her road to recovery.  Katie found the care from Dr. Mavromatis to be nothing short of incredible.

"Dr. Mavromatis is wonderful.  I just have such total confidence in her.  I really feel like she is so up on the newest treatments,” she said.

"I get my treatment every Tuesday and everyone says, ‘I bet you hate Tuesdays.’ And, actually, no I don’t because I come in and I see all my friends.  The doctors and staff at the WMHS Schwab Family Cancer Center are my friends.  Actually, I consider them family,” she explained.

"You know they care about you. You hear tons of laughter.  It’s never a sad place. For the most part, the patients are all smiling and in a good mood and they know this is a good place to be,” she noted.

One thing in particular that impressed her was the fact that the staff knows your name and is happy to go above and beyond what they have to do in order to make it a positive experience for each patient.

"I never dread coming here at all. I’ve met some people who are also having chemo.  There is one woman in particular that I have become close friends with.  I went to visit her when I wasn’t having chemo and sat with her during her treatment.  Then the other day when she wasn’t having it, she came and sat with me.  It’s just a really warm, comfortable place to be.”

Katie finds every aspect of care she has received at the WMHS Schwab Family Cancer Center to be top-notch and cannot imagine going anywhere else.

"I have total confidence in the doctors here.  The staff is just incredible and has made my whole experience, which is something nobody wants to go through, delightful,” she said.

"I just cannot say enough.  It’s a beautiful, lovely place to be.  I just can’t imagine going out of this area for treatment when we have such excellent physicians, as well as such a beautiful facility and great staff right here in Cumberland,” concluded Katie.

Katie Murray
Cumberland, MD


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